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Populationof.net is a platform that puts together population and demographic data from all around the world. It is an innovative resource for everyone looking for up-to-date statistics regarding world population, median age, migration and other demographic factors. Populationof.net is equipped with population clock that displays live figures up-to-the-minute. Launched only this year, it is quickly becoming the ultimate resource for population and demographic information due to the fact that it presents only the most relevant and current data gathered from official websites and government registries.

Population and demographic data is an inseparable part of multiple research and scientific disciplines. It aids the development of school and healthcare systems and helps prepare for the demands resulting from aging and migration. On a day-to-day basis population statistics are used by students in their academic projects and businessmen conducting market research. When it comes to population and demographic data online, many websites publish outdated or incomplete statistics about world, region and country population. For everyone in need of factual information, the datasets obtained through unreliable websites are obsolete and could negatively impact research findings. Populationof.net was designed by a passionate team of individuals that pay a lot of attention towards trustworthiness and reliability of information published online, who not only build this powerful resource from scratch, but also decided to put carefully selected demographic information in historical context, so that the users can get a full picture of how population of a certain region or country has been changing throughout the years.

On Populationof.net you can check current world population, as well as demographic data from six major geographic areas – Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean and Oceania. On the platform you can also find statistics regarding population and demographics of each country. Populationof.net is divided into several sections. There is a brief overview of world population on the home page where you can find hyperlinks to region subpages which contain detailed information about population, median age, rural versus urban population distribution and migration rate. In addition to that, in regional sections you can find references to subpages dedicated to particular countries. What distinguishes Populationof.net from other websites of the kind is the fact that it contains historical population information statistics dating back to the 1960s and it publishes estimated demographic data up to 2050. All information is presented in a form of charts and tables, accompanied by brief commentaries. The platform is designed in accordance with state-of-the-art web designed techniques. It also has minimal and modern layout for maximised end user experience. In order to use the site to the fullest you do not need to set up an account and during your research you will not be asked to provide your personal data. The platform is completely free of charge and every user gets unlimited access to all functionalities of the site. This website is compatible with modern portable devices, from tablets to smartphones, so that you can conveniently access it on the go. All that makes Populationof.net the only virtual resource you will ever need for gathering population and demographic data.